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From FDA certification (FDA Registration No#10399493146) for processing Food Grade goods, to various Transportation and 3PL awards, Triways has a proven track record of performing for its customers. In addition to winning the Transplace Carrier of the Year Award many years in a row, Triways has been chosen as one of the Top 3PL Companies in the U.S. by WarehousingAndFulfillment.com. You can rest assured that your project will be handled to the highest of standards.

We are proud to showcase our achievement in the 3PL industry: ANNOUNCEMENT February 18, 2023 - We are thrilled to be included as one of the Isometric Technologies' Excellence in Service Awards winners. Thank you for the recognition! #ISOAwards #Performance #ServiceMatters

Triways Inc has been identified as a Top Carrier for Isometric Technologies’ second annual ISO Awards. Recipients are selected based on a combination of core KPI metrics & engagement.

iso award

Transplace 2014 “Platinum Carrier Merit Award”

Transplace 2014 “Carrier of the Year”

Palogix 2014 "Regional Carrier of the Year"

Transplace 2013 “Regional Carrier of the Year”

Transplace 2012 “Carrier of the Year”

Transplace 2011 “Best on Time Service”

Direct TV 2011 "West Coast Carrier of the Year"

Ryder 2011 "Carrier of the Year Award Regional Carrier"

Ryder 2010 "Carrier of the Year Award Regional Carrier"

Transplace 2010 “Best on Time Service Award”

Ryder 2010 Regional Carrier of the Year for iGPS

Transplace 2009 “Carrier of the Year”